Swiss Federal Assembly Finally Approves Instructions on Cryptocurrency Regulation

The legislative body of the Swiss government, the Federal Assembly, has approved a motion to instruct the Federal Council to adapt existing legislation for cryptocurrency regulation. Coitelegraph auf Deutsch reported on the development on March 20. The motion introduced by Liberal assemblyman Giovanni Merlini intends to instruct the Federal Council

SEC’s Senior Advisor for Digital Assets says stablecoins may be securities

Senior Advisor for Digital Assets at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Valerie Szczepanik told a crowd at SXSW conference that certain types of stablecoins “could raise issues under securities laws,” Decrypt reports. Szczepanik broke stablecoins down into three categories: stablecoins “tied to some real asset, like real estate

Texas Proposed Bill Requires Identification of Buyers Paying in Digital Currencies

A bill requiring users to identify themselves while using digital currencies has been filed on March 8, according to the official Texas legislature portal. The bill’s text contains the definitions of digital currencies, digital wallets, distributed ledgers and verified identity digital currencies (VIDC). The latter is defined as “a digital