100 Percent of Bitcoin and Digital Assets Will Dominate the Future Economy

Elizabeth White, CEO of White Company, future economic transactions will run through Bitcoin and digital assets. In this process, States will ensure the dissemination of these markets with monitoring and correction tasks. Bitcoin and digital assets will apply.

According to Elizabeth White, evaluating the technology of Bitcoin and the CryptoGlobe blockchain. According to White, in the future world 100% of assets will be digital and become digital coins. These assets will be the economic foundation.

White Company sells luxury consumer goods through crypto coins. Crypto users from White Company can save their names and buy products by running.

The White Company payment system functions as follows: The company has produced stable coins which are set at the dollar value (WSD). Thanks to WSD, White Company is able to process millions of dollars worth of transactions.

WSD owners do not need to worry about fluctuations in the crypto-money market. White predicts that the Bitcoin and crypto money markets will be widely accepted in the future. Financial assets will get efficiency and security with blockchain technology.

White believes that the liberal and revolutionary atmosphere behind the blockchain and the crypto money market will not be hindered by the state. Preventing this development can lead to market criminals. For this reason, the state will regulate the adoption and development of the blockchain and crypto money markets.


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