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The Current State of Bitcoin Mining

Due to the bearish season that hit the cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin mining industry has suffered because mining Bitcoin (BTC) has been unprofitable or rather the company faces losses due to the decline in Bitcoin prices. Bitmain Bitmain, a Bitcoin mining company based in China, experienced difficulties in 2018. The


Gift and loyalty cards pad out the wallets of many of us, but we rarely use them to their maximum. Around $1 billion in gift card cash typically goes unspent on gift cards annually, while sticking with a store because of its loyalty program often leaves us worse than if

A man in Taiwan has been arrested over claims of minning millions of dollars-worth of cryptos using stolen power.

The man with the surname Yang is suspected of stealing electricity valued at over NT$100 million ($3.25 million) from various business premises to mine bitcoin and ether. Yang reportedly tapped the power supply at 17 stores in Taiwan for his crypto mining operations. For each illicit mining operation, Yang would