Cryptopia finally reopens in ‘read only’ mode showing balances pre-hack

The New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange is finally back up and running! Well not really, however it is open for users to login, that’s about it.

Cryptopia has announced that is has finally reopened the exchange. However users will not be able to trade or do anything, other than see their balances on the exchange. Users currently cannot, trade, deposit, or withdraw funds.

If you thought maybe you could login and check how much of your portfolio was affected by hack, you can’t do that either as the exchange has loaded balances as of 14 January 2019.

Essentially Cryptopia have loaded everyones balances back to before the hack.

Earlier today, Cryptopia announced that users can login and change their passwords and reset 2FA credentials. Cryptopia also announced it is finalising a rebate process for affected users.


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