Mobile Company of Samsung Has Developed Nexledger Accelerator Technology to Accelerate the Blockchain

World Mobile phone giant Samsung, in its press release, has developed technology that will improve operations on the Blockchain network.

The new technology developed by Samsung, named Nexledger Accelerator, has been able to pass tests with Fabric Hyperledger.

Remember that Hyperledger Fabric is a project developed by the Linux Foundation, with the aim of improving blockchain technology. This consortium is part of IT industry giants such as IBM, SUP, Intel, JPMorgan, and financial institutions Deutsche Börse, etc.

Samsung said it tested its new technology, Nexledger Accelerator, last December and found that the speed and processing of transactions on the blockchain network had increased significantly.

Samsung SDS has created on the Github repository dedicated to Nexledger Accelerator with the aim of offering developers tools to test and expand new technologies through a scheme called the Sandbox of Innovation.

Towards the end of January 2018, Samsung has reported news that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an integrated wallet named the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.

Obviously, the influx of big players, like Samsung, in the new Blockchain technology market cannot help bringing innovation. At this point we are waiting for Apple, which certainly won’t keep watching.


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